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They are out there.

Anthologies, journals, websites (for web content), magazines, publishers and e-zines are waiting for the rich and varied offerings of our Caribbean writers-whether established, widely celebrated or up-and-coming.

Spoken-word artists and oral storytellers with their audio offerings are finding more markets too, including streaming radio & video sites.

More and more outlets are flourishing right in our region too.

Very often established international publications and competitions, on and off the web, also include publishing opportunities for writers situated in the Caribbean and the wider Diaspora.

There are several legitimate international writing competitions without entry fees listed here as well as many excellent paying markets relevant to Caribbean and international writers.

Photographers and visual artists are not be left out since several journals accept images too.

Thankfully these days, most submissions tend to be electronic.

The downside is, after signing up for the newsletter-perusing (and perusing) all of the articles and ads, getting excited about the possibility of gaining a big prize-you read further and find you (= Caribbean writer) are NOT eligible!

Even worse, according to Editors and Competition Co-ordinators, writers find their submissions dropped because they did not read the guideline requirements carefully enough. (Word to the wise: re-read and double check those guidelines!)

So, literary artists and editors, including freelance writers: After years of combing numerous e-newsletters, webrings, writing craft magazines and guides, websites, e-zines and post-it notes with scribbles (and hard drives crashing), I decided to put all my “two cents” in one place. Right here!  Others seem to think the effort is worthwhile too.

BONUS: 1) Won’t kill you with my emails anymore. 2) You can AVOID the crazy scams (Isn’t that a relief? For more, CLICK HERE to read my post about avoiding writing scams)

There’s been a great response so far but if you see:

  • a niche I’m not filling
  • broken links
  • defunct publications/ competitions
  • a publication that you know personally that ignores writers’ rights

PLEASE let me know.

So voilà!

Creatively yours,

Sandra Sealy

P.S. Hit me up wid some feedback, nuh?

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NB. While we make every effort to present accurate and up-to-date information and promote publications/ resources that protect the rights of Writers and Artists on this site, you use this information entirely at your own risk.

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