Shit & Whimsy (UK blog)

Writers Hq logoShit & Whimsy: the Writers’ HQ blog is a paying market. The Writers’ HQ offers tips, training and retreats.

Payment: £40 for all blog posts and a link back to your site or book if you’re a writer with a blog or a book.


April 2018: The First Draft
All content around getting the first draft written, struggling through the inherent shitness, and how to keep going to the end.

May 2018: Resistance Writing
Writing that’s revolutionary, minority writing, controversial writing, writing that changes the world.

Submission Highlights

  • Blogs between 500 – 800 words examining writing and the writing process from a new perspective.
  • Blogs that fit monthly themes
  • Blogs that fit their tone. To get familiar, read a few of their blogs  “and it may help you to read our Manifesto On Bad Language“.
  • Innovation in swearing
  1. Send an email with your blog idea to
  2. Put in the subject line “BLOG PITCH: Your Blog Title Here”
  3. Give us a quick outline of your blog idea and, if we don’t know you already, a quick heads up about who you are and what you do.

Full submission guidelines are HERE.

Editors: Sarah Lewis and Jo Gatford

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