Writing Contest for Bloggers and Reporters

The Writing Contest for Bloggers and Reporters is a great opp to find talent. Alexis Grant’s company which manages a handful of blogs, needs people to write for them – and they are willing to pay for reported blog posts.

Fee: Winners US$75/ per post for 3 winners on a selected topic AND  if “we choose to run your post, we’ll not only pay you for it  — we’ll also turn to you in the future when we want to assign paid posts.”

Deadline: July 15th 2014

Format: Google docs (Click HERE to understand how to use it.)


#1 — 9 Awesome Networking Events in San Diego

Blog: Brazen Life, which covers professional development, with a focus on networking. Here are guidelines for writing the post.

 #2 — Fun Jobs: Can You Really Turn a Profit Running a Bed and Breakfast?

Blog: The Penny Hoarder, which is about weird ways to earn and save money.Guidelines for writing the post are here.

 #3 — The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Building a Wine Cellar

Blog: IWA Wine, which covers all things wine, with a focus on storage. Here areguidelines for writing the post.

Please read all the RULES & FAQs carefully at the website.



Email them at  team@socialexis.com

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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