Caribbean Vistas Journal (US)

Caribbean Vistas Journal, a bi-annual literary publication, invites unpublished contributions on artistic, cultural, and literary topics as well as essays on interdisciplinary studies from the Anglophone, Francophone, and Hispanophone cultural traditions. .  (See prior post from 2012.)

Submissions will be reviewed by an Editorial Board, including Dr. Allen-Williams, Founding Editor and Dr. Kwame Dawes, Poetry Editor.

Deadline: June 30th 2013 Volume 1 Issue 2  seeks the following:

Critical Essays:  One (1) essay per issue, not to exceed 3,500 – 6,500 words

Poems: Four (4) poems for publication consideration in the same issue

Literary Non-Fiction: One (1) essay per issue, not to exceed 4,000 – 5,000 words

Book Reviews: One (1) review per issue, not to exceed 2,000 – 2,500 words. Review the format of book titles/author names in the   current issue of Caribbean Vistas   in the submission of your review.

Visual/Performance Art Images: No more than 10 visual images (visual artists) and one   performance video link (performance artists), which must be accompanied by an  artist statement and photographs (two poses) of the artist.


  • Format: Electronic mail submissions to are accepted in Microsoft Word format only.All submissions must follow the current Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation Style.
  • All documents will be edited for  length, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity of expression. Authors of   critical essays, literary nonfiction, and reviews will be contacted  electronically with regard to editing issues; they will not be consulted  regarding copy editing.
  • Authors are required to provide Caribbean Vistas with any changes of address so that they may be contacted should reprint requests be made. Any reprint must be accompanied by a credit line that takes the following form:

Reprinted from Caribbean Vistas: Critiques of Caribbean Arts and Cultures Volume #, Issue # (Season: Year). Please read ALL submission guidelines IN FULL: HERE

Rights: First publication rights to any submission accepted for publication.  In addition,  a permanent, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to copy, publish, or distribute the Work electronically in Caribbean Vistas, and to archive the Work. The Author also grants to Caribbean Vistas the non-exclusive right to republish that work in translation, digest, or abridged form or other derivative form in electronic or print publications.



Dr. Emily Allen-Williams
Founding Editor
Caribbean Vistas
2803 Wrightsboro Road
Suite 15-332
Augusta, GA

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