Malala: FutureCycle Press Anthology (USA)

FutureCycle Press is now open to unpublished submissions for the special anthology, Malala, in honour of education & women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai, co-edited by Joseph Hutchison and Andrea Watson.

They welcome work from international writers but require the pieces to be in English.  “For the Malala anthology, we will consider translations of poems written in other languages and would be especially pleased to receive poems written by girls and women living in regions where their voices are suppressed.”

Although a deadline for the Malala anthology has not yet been set, they will do so when we get closer to filling the anthology. They are aiming to publish not later than the end of 2013; the first anniversary of Malala Day (November 10).

NB. No fees for submissions.

NB. FutureCycle Press also publishes chapbooks but there is a fee for submitting.  Kindly note they have discontinued publishing their general anthology.

Submit work @ the ONLINE form only HERE.

Poetry Submission Highlights:  They are seeking work with “strong, fresh imagery and metaphor”.  NB. They are NOT “not fond of haiku or any visual forms of poetry”.  Limit your submissions to five pages of poetry or one long poem up to six pages. More details for poetry submissions are HERE.  

Flash Fiction Submission Highlights: “For individual flash fiction works, we are open to any style…We eagerly look for new writers, but only those who have learned the craft. We are not interested in writers who consider themselves amateurs or those who refuse on principal to consider revising their work. It’s been our experience that writers who only read their own work don’t write very well, so ask yourself if you are one of them before you submit.  More details for flash fiction submissions are HERE

Other Notes: We ask that you please not type your titles in all caps. We consider simultaneous submissions, but we expect to be notified immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. We consider previously published work only if it has not appeared in any printed or online publication during the past ten years.”

Include a short bio, which can include your URL and email address if desired.

HERE for General Submission Guidelines.

Future Cycle

Blue Ridge Mountains

Georgia, USA

Email: Diane Kistner, Director


3 thoughts on “Malala: FutureCycle Press Anthology (USA)

    1. Hi Peggy:

      Apologies for my tardy response though I did email Diane right away. See below:
      Our last FutureCycle magazine was published a long time ago, and is now out of print and in our Archives as a free PDF. The Malala anthology, too. Please refer your followers here:

  1. A poem of mine, Giving Thanks, was accepted by Future Cycle Press Anthology on May 8, 2014.
    Can you tell me when this will be published?
    Thank you…
    Peggy Aylsworth

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