Caribbean Writers Salon (online group)

Caribbean Literary Salon created and moderated by Anouska Kock of Aruba, “is a network for people who enjoy books about the Caribbean and works by Caribbean authors. It is a place to discuss the West Indian literary field, share stories, news, insights, to connect and make friends.”

As a member of Caribbean Literary Salon, you can upload books, contribute to forum discussions, add photos, and post news, interviews and feature articles. You also get a personal profile page where you can share information about yourself and make friends with other members.

There are even writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing.  You can let others know what you’re doing immediately via your status which can be linked to and  One of the most interesting things is the interviews of Caribbean writers.

This is where the finest contemporary Caribbean writers are gathering so you need to be there too.

Join online and follow the prompts.

***Seawoman’s 2 cents:  Highly recommended – An excellent way to connect with Caribbean writers from all over the Diaspora and build your web presence.  Have personally found opportunities- like being chosen as an Editor for Anansesem: the Caribbean Children’s literature magazine  AND was selected to be interviewed (READ IT!)- there.

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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