Fledgling Press (Scotland)

Fledgling Press is an online bookstore which also specialises in publishing new authors. The Publisher advises that they do accept work from international authors, including the Caribbean.  At the moment they publish:

  • Poetry and short story collections
  • Autobiography
  • History
  • novels

Rights: Authors retain full copyright and control of their own work, and can ask for it to be removed it at any time (a maximum of 30 days to do this for downloadable books).

Royalties: They will receive 50% of all downloaded sales, and 10%of printed copy net sales. This is much better than conventional publishers can normally offer, and is made possible by the new technology of the web, and digital document copiers. A fuller description of the contract can be seen from the authors’ pages.

Readers can browse new work, download some free books and reports, and buy others to download safely on an independent secure credit card payment system.

Visit the site for the Site Policy and more details HERE!


Zander Wedderburn


Fledgling Press

7 Lennox Street




Tel 0131 3432367

**Seawoman’s 2 cents:  A reminder that you should acquaint yourself on your intellectual property rights in relation to copying at the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisations (IFRRO)

2 thoughts on “Fledgling Press (Scotland)

  1. Hi Carlton:

    Great to “meet” you. Glad you find the site of interest!

    Also, congrats on your novel.

    The most effective way @ the moment to get timely reminders is to join CARIBBEAN WRITERS on Facebook.com

    If there are any opportunities you think the community could benefit from as well, you can drop me an email on the CONTACT page or respond to a post here.

    Power from the pen,

  2. Hi, I am a new author of Guyanese descent living in the USA. My novel, ‘Business AS Usual,’ was published in May, 2008 and can be viewed on my website, http://www.longrass.com. I am interested in your ‘opps’ as I never know when these things are coming around. Please add me to your roster for ‘hit ups.’ Thank you.

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