Miami Herald Travel Section (US)

Miami Herald Travel Section of  The Miami Herald Newspaper has “no hard-and-fast rules about the kinds of stories we buy. Well written, well researched stories that we cannot easily get on the wires get our attention. We tend to buy more for theme issues (see Editorial Calendar.) To be considered, copy for theme issues must be received four to six weeks in advance of the publication date. We also look kindly on candidates for our Quick Trips features (see below.)

Your best bets are stories about Latin America, the Caribbean, Florida and any destination in which children are an integral part of the experience.”
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Payment is made on publication and covers print territorial rights in the South Florida distribution area (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties) unless otherwise specified. Rates range from US$300 for a lead, US$200 for a normal-length article, US$25 for photographs used in black-and-white and US$75 for photographs used in color, with a cap of $500 for a story/photo package with multiple images. We pay US$250 for a Quick Trip package, including story, go box and photo.

Editorial Calendar is HERE!

General Writers’ Guidelines are HERE!

Family Travel Story Guidelines are HERE!

Quick Trip Guidelines are HERE!

PR Guidelines are HERE!

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