A and U Magazine:HIV (USA)

A&U Magazine is an American nonprofit HIV/AIDS magazine. We are interested in publishing original literature, art, opinion, and reportage relating in any way to the AIDS pandemic. With any submission, please include a brief personal biography (no longer than 25 words).  They secure first North American serial rights.

The Editor advised me that they do accept work from international writers.   Payment schedule as follows:

$25: Poetry

$50: Reviews, Fiction

$150: Feature

$300: Cover stories

(all plus two copies)

Electronic submissions, as Word attachments, may be mailed to Chael Needle, Managing Editor, at chaelneedle@mac.com oreditor@aumag.org.

Be sure to include your address, phone number, and e-mail address!


  • no longer than 1,000 words. Excerpts of longer works may be accepted; please include full work as well as excerpt
  • unpublished work only
  • if plays have been performed, please include any important performance information
  • include biography


  • any length/style accepted, shorter works preferred
  • include biography


  • around 700 words
  • include biography

Feature Articles:

  • submit proposals, please do not send completed stories or interviews; feature articles: about 1,200 words, cover stories: about 2,000 words
  • include personal resume


  • reviews of film, theater, books, art exhibits, video, music, and other media accepted
  • no longer than 300-600 words

Full writing guidelines

Submissions may be mailed to:

A&U Magazine

Att: Submissions

Main Office
25 Monroe Street
Suite 205
Albany, New York, USA 12210


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