Sky Writings Inflight Mag (Jamaica)

Sky Writings Inflight Magazine is “Air Jamaica’s bi-monthly in-flight magazine, aims to be a comprehensive travel and lifestyle magazine, giving unique insight to our readers—both Jamaican and Caribbean nationals and visitors.  [Their] mission is to give inside information about Jamaica and the other destinations served by the airline.”

We publish a mix of articles and each issue will generally have three or four feature stories, plus several departments. Our feature articles are about 1200 to 2000 words. Departments are about 500-1500 words. Each issue has a theme and this influences the choice of feature articles.  New writers are always welcome. We recommend that you send a pitch by email to

Payment: They ” pay on publication and our rates vary according to the article and the skill and experience of the writer. [They] pay a rejection fee for work commissioned but considered unsuitable in the final analysis.   An older post from quoted $0.10/word – so that can give you a starting point.

However, I strongly recommend you visit the site and read the full and current l submission guidelines and an editorial calendar HERE!


Leisha Chen-Young
Creative Communications Inc.
29 Munroe Road, Kingston 6
Tel: 876-977-5020-4 ext. 238

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