International Living

International Living Magazine‘s motto is “You can live better, for less, overseas”.  They aim to educate those who want to retire overseas in a tropical paradise   The magazine’s general themes are: retiring overseas, how to get the best deals when traveling, real estate bargains outside of the U.S., how to set up a business outside of the U.S., items that you find overseas that may sell well in the U.S. market (import-export), foreign investment…basically anything that involves saving or making money outside of the U.S..

The countries they are focusing on now are Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Costa Rica, Romania, France, and Italy.  However, still try to send a query to the Editor about other destinations (you never know).

To get an idea of their style, sign up to receive their daily postcards at the site.

Payment: Postcards are paid US$50 for 250-500 word pieces.

Full length articles of 1,000 words are accepted.  Fee TBA.

For submission guidelines, go HERE! and for FAQs go HERE!


Len Galvin

Editor for Postcards at

Laura Sheridan

Managing Editor (International Living Magazine) at

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