Christmas Miracles Anthology (USA)

Christmas Miracles is a book project-contracted with St. Martin’s Press, one of Macmillan’s publishers-for late 2009 release. They seek true stories of miracles that took place at Christmas. They must revolve around that special time of year.

***Seawoman’s 2 cents – This looks like a GREAT seasonal opportunity.  You

  • submit your work right at the site
  • can submit previously published work
  • get a free copy (of course)
  • paid an honorarium
  • retain all your rights.

What more could you ask for?

The editors request the following:

“We prefer first-person narratives.

This is an excellent opportunity to see your writing in a book with other outstanding authors.

You must follow these guidelines:

• Deadline for stories is December 24, 2008.
• All entries must be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Word document.
• Stories may run from 900 to 1,300 words. We will not consider longer pieces.
• We will edit all stories we accept so that they have a unified voice.
• Your name will be listed with your story and you’ll have a four-line information/resume paragraph at the end of the book.
• Every story must have a positive solution that results from a miracle through events or timing at the Christmas season.
• Every story must have a positive application. That is, you must tell us what you learned from that miracle or how it changed your life.
• You may send an original or a reprint. (If a reprint, please tell us where it was published and assure us that you own the reprint rights.)

If we accept your story, you will retain rights. You’ll also receive a $50 honorarium and a free copy of the book when it is released in October 2009.

We will offer special discounts for contributors who wish to buy additional books.
(We will send that information to you.)”

St. Martin’s Press
175 5th Avenue NY, NY 10010, USA

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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