She Said, She Said (anthology)

SHE SAID, SHE SAID: Selected Essays from Enlightened Eves to Clueless Adams is an anthology for women responding to emotional issues in their lives. All writers, seasoned or novice, are welcome.

They ask for you to submit “In 2000-3000 words, respond to the essay prompt that speaks to you. What we’d especially like to see is a well written narrative account of your experience, along with commentary on how you overcame your dilemma and the positive lesson(s) you learned because of it. Try to refrain from male-bashing, please. We want our audience to personally connect with you and the message you’re conveying. Of course, an epiphany or two would be nice, as well. Write to answer the question, “What do women really want?” Be as witty, satirical and/or humorous as you dare!”

Address one essay prompt per submission and submit no more than two separate essays per author. Only one essay per author will be included in the anthology.

Chosen contributors will receive two free copies of the book, $25 and a full “author page” in the book (publicity text of your choosing). ** Note: Special arrangements can be made for chosen contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Some of the essay prompts are:

  • I knew I was in love when…
  • With Friends like these, who needs enemies?

Full guidelines and list of essay prompts, visit the site.

Submissions accepted until September 30, 2008.

Email submission(s), including a brief bio and contact information to Please note: essay text must be pasted into the body of the email, as attachments will not be opened.

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