Black Rose Writing (USA)

Black Rose Writing publishes 10-20 titles per year. Established in 2006, Black Rose Writing publishes nonfiction, fiction and poetry titles.

The editors say, “Black Rose Writing prefers clean, edited work that requires only minor editing checks. We believe the writer should take great pride in their work, and truly look through their manuscript before submitting something in its raw, unedited form.”

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Source: Writer’s Market

Attn: Reagan Rothe
7810 Kingsbury Way #4
San Antonio, TX 78240

2 thoughts on “Black Rose Writing (USA)

  1. Dear Sir/Madame,

    I am a young Guyanese writer seeking to be published. I have written poems and short stories on a variety of subjects. I would like to enquire on how I should proceed in getting my work published and whether your company would be interested.

    Thank You

    Yorshabelle Liverpool

    1. Again, thanks for your interest. Sorry about taking so long to respond. Had alot happening offline. I don’t publish other’s work at this stage but please use the search box here to research any opportunities. If you still have questions, leave another note for me.

      BTW how did you find this site?

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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