The Arts Journal (Guyana)

The Arts Journal

This quality Guyanese journal, published twice yearly, offers “critical perspectives on contemporary literature, history, art and culture of Guyana and the Caribbean”. They are seeking submission of articles that critically examine the history, the literary, visual and cultural traditions and artefacts of Guyana and the Caribbean, as well as book reviews and creative writing.

Deadlines: Single issues (which appear in March and September), deadlines will be 31st December the previous year and 30th June. For double issues, it would depend on whether the issue is appearing in March or September. Contributors may seek advice for a particular issue from the Editor.

Submissions for consideration should be sent as E-mail attachments in MSWord in addition to three (3) hard copies by post to The Editor, with the author’s name, postal and e-mail addresses on a separate sheet of paper. All submissions should be in English and no longer than 5,000 words. A one-page abstract (250 words) should accompany each article as well as a brief biography (50 words or less). Notes must be gathered at the end of the manuscript, and should conform to accepted styles and conventions for academic writing in the discipline. Unused manuscripts will be returned if pre-paid envelopes are enclosed. Read the Complete Guidelines under GENERAL INFORMATION.

RIGHTS: Please read the Copyright Agreement THOROUGHLY by clicking HERE!

Contributors are given a Complimentary copy of the issue in which their work appears.

The most recent issue, Volume 3 Numbers 1 & 2, is a double issue devoted to the theme of the Abolition of The Trans-atlantic Trade.

Editor is Ameena Gafoor

The Arts Journal
48 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park
Guyana, South America

Telephone: 592 227 6825 Fax: 592 225 0712

One thought on “The Arts Journal (Guyana)

  1. I support any good Caribbean opportunity, BUT ss with ANY publishing opp., be very clear on what rights you are selling/offering. Be prepared to have your rights tied up for your work two years or so and READ the rights (link above) carefully.

    Here is an excerpt: ” legal term of the copyright shall be two calendar years commencing the first day of the month and year of publication shown on the Journal in which your work appears. The Arts Forum Inc, its Directors and its Secretary, and The Arts Journal, its Editorial and Advisory Boards, its Distributors, Stockists or other agents will not accept liability for plagiarism. Any such liability will revert to the author of the paper or work of art in question.”

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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