This Caribbean e-zine is an EXCELLENT writing opportunity by Caribbean writers. They seek true life stories; in other words, “a story that will either make you chuckle, shed a tear or just leave you amazed that someone could have gone through such and experience and yet live to write about it.” Best of all, young people (of secondary school age and older) are not to be left out.

  • Word length

Stories should be between 750 and 3,000 words.

  • Story type and themes is looking for stories on all topics.

  • Pay will pay for all stories published on the site. Our current rate is US$50 per story. Cheques will be mailed within 30 days of publication.

  • Rights

Contributors to retain the rights to the stories they publish on this site, allowing them to republish these stories elsewhere in the future.

Offers US$50 per story published on the site.

Publisher: Desmond Brown


Source: Island Where Magazine (Another good reason to look out for or subscribe for your FREE copy.)

One thought on “ (NOW DEFUNCT!)

  1. Well, it SEEMED like a great idea…gone wrong! Received a good response, submitted work, followed up, was verbally told it was accepted. Never got back to me and they are apparently defunct! (No surprise).

    Speaking of which…Look out for my hit list (of Editors/Publishers wasting your time or not respecting writers) that I’m developping to go on Seawoman’s Caribbean Blogspot.

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