Literary Cottage Anthology Series

Literary Cottage is compiling a new anthology series for Adams Media featuring uplifting, original, true stories about the experiences and relationships that inspired and enriched our lives, namely those with our mothers, our fathers, and our teachers (also mother figures, father figures, and mentors). These true, original slice-of-life stories will be written by people from all walks of life and will provide unique personal insights into powerful universal truths, as well as honor the “everyday hero” in their lives. Each anthology in the series will be divided to highlight the variety of ways real life mothers, teachers, and fathers go beyond the call of duty to heroism.
Each Hero anthology will include a balanced mix of true stories of varied themes, such as:
Extraordinary achievements and experiences of real life, ordinary teachers, mothers, and fathers.
True life-changing, life-affirming, or life-defining experiences and relationships.
Epiphany, synchronicity, serendipity.
Finding/giving comfort in difficult times.
Triumph over tragedy; overcoming adversity or challenges.
Life’s blessings and miracles, big and small.
Finding the silver lining in a dark cloud; turning lemons into lemonade.
Relationships and experiences that bring hope, understanding, healing.
Catalysts for and examples of positive change; acts of kindness and compassion.
850 – 2000 words or four to eight pages double-spaced.
Stories must be original, true, uplifting, poignant, heart-warming, and/or humorous, and in English. The intended audience is mainstream adult readers. Please carefully review all of the Writer’s Guidelines (below) prior to writing your story. Early submission is both suggested and appreciated!

Click HERE to see Samples.
We are now seeking submissions for the following volumes:
My Teacher Is My Hero
My Mom Is My Hero
My Dad Is My Hero
Go to the site for FULL Writer’s Guidelines
One of the best ways to discover the nature and flavor of a Hero story is to request a sample via e-mail.
Terms & Conditions
$100 (each) for all stories published in the books, plus one complimentary copy of the book on publication. Three stories in each anthology will be selected as a prizewinner. The First Prize story will earn an additional $100; the Second Prize story will earn an additional $75; and the Third Prize story will earn an additional $50. The editor, not the publisher, is offering the prizes.
Story Length: 850-2,000 words (four to eight double-spaced pages)

: Literary Cottage
Attn: Susan Reynolds
P. O. Box 1070
Pembroke, MA 02359

4 thoughts on “Literary Cottage Anthology Series

  1. NB. Response on September 26th 2007 below:

    Please note the following extension to the MY TEACHER, MY HERO anthology from the editor Susan Reynolds. You have until October 1st:

    “Thank you, Sandra. It’s very kind of you to post the notice, and I hope some of your readers will contribute stories for the three anthologies underway. I posted a comment on the site saying that we only want prose, and that I will read stories submitted by October 1st for the Teacher anthology, but only if they are well written and focused on the teacher hero/heroine.”

  2. I’m sorry, but we are not accepting poetry for this anthology, nor the two that will follow (see “Hero Series Guidelines” on We are seeking prose in the form of a short story or essay (850-2000 words). The teacher must be the hero/heroine, and the story must be focused on the hero/heroine. I’m down to the wire on the Teacher anthology, and up to my neck in stories about writing teachers, but if someone sends me a story by October 1, 2007, I will read it and consider it…if it’s fabulously written and about the hero/heroine. Thank you!

  3. Dear D A Wilson:

    I’ll certainly check for you to see if they may have extended the deadline.

    What other opps did you find of interest?

    BTW, how did you find this site?


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