The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Ireland)

The  International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award


**NB. Nominations of novels must be made by National Libraries.  We in the Caribbean ARE ELIGIBLE! 

The prize is awarded annually to a novel of “high literary merit” published in English, where  the original language is English or the work is translated into English,  published in the relevant time span for the year in question.

Nominations are submitted by invited libraries, representing major
cities around the world. We do not accept nominations directly from
authors, publishers or agents and canvassing in any manner renders a work  ineligible.
The winner of the 2008 award will be announced in June 2008. Invited
libraries have submitted their choices for the 2008 award. The closing
date was in May 2007.

One thought on “The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Ireland)

  1. **NB WRITERS FROM BARBADOS: I’ve forwarded this to Annette Smith (National Library Service) and Andrea Wells (National Cultural Foundation). If you don’t see anything happening and you want it, WRITE THEM (in other words agitate)!
    Other Writers of the Caribbean, WRITE your National Libraries.

    PEOPLE, €100,000 at stake and all we have to do is BE NOMINATED!!

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