Bridal Guide (USA)

Bridal Guide
3 East 54th Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10022, USA
Susan Schneider, Executive Editor (features)
Jenna Mahoney, Travel Editor
For editorial inquiries, please contact: Valerie Berrios
Associate Editor/Bridal Guide Magazine

Bridal Guide is interested in articles about marriage, relationships, sexuality, psychology, budgeting and travel. Please do not send queries concerning fashion, beauty or home design, since we produce these pages in house. Wedding-planning ideas should cover broad subjects, such as organizing a long-distance or theme wedding, or touch upon emotional topics, such as dealing with divorced parents. Shorter, how-to pieces (e.g. finding a band or choosing a cake) are written in house.

We also do not accept fiction or poetry.

We are looking for service-oriented, well-researched pieces that are journalistically written and have a length of 1,000 to 2,000 words.

Payment, made on acceptance, is 50 cents per word.

Writers we work with consult at least three expert sources, such as wedding planners, book authors and business professionals in the appropriate field. Our tone is conversational yet authoritative. Features are generally filled with real-life anecdotes. We also run features that are completely real-person based (e.g. bridesmaids discussing their experiences or grooms-to-be expressing their thoughts about marriage).

In written queries, we are looking for a well-conceived idea, a specific angle or focus, and the sources the writer intends to use. They should be brief and snappy, and titles should be provided to give the editor a better understanding of the writer’s direction.

Feature ideas, including queries for the magazine’s Confident Bride column, should be sent to our executive editor, Susan Schneider. Feature ideas related to honeymoon travel destinations should be sent to our travel editor, Jenna Mahone. Submit queries only, along with clips of work published in a national consumer magazine and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. You should receive a reply within one to three months, but please note that we are unable to return manuscripts, clips or photos.


**Caribbean writers can take advantage of our fabulous locales!

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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