Ian Randle Publishers (Jamaica)

Ian Randle Publishers was the first commercial publishing company in the English speaking Caribbean to produce scholarly and academic books and today remains the leader in the field with bestselling books in History, Gender Studies, Politics, Sociology as well as books covering a wide range of issues on the contemporary Caribbean.

More recently the list has become more diversified and now features leading titles in Art, Music, Cookery, Biography, Poetry and Literature.

NB. You will be expected to prepare a proposal which will be evaluated.

Find step by step details and complete Author Guidelines at the Website.


Address in Jamaica:

Ian Randle Publishers,
11 Cunningham Avenue,
Kingston 6,
Tel: 876 978 0745

FB Page Link

Address in the US

11206 NW 36th Avenue
Miami, FL 33167
Tel: 1-866-330-5469

**Seawoman’s note: Kindly note I have disabled the hyperlinks to their website temporarily since a Seawoman subscriber alerted me to a malware problem.  Try using their FB or Twitter pages.

10 thoughts on “Ian Randle Publishers (Jamaica)

  1. I noticed that you have listed under Caribbean writers Maggie Harris (guyana/UK) though Guyana is really in South America:so why not Petronella Breinburg (/suriname/UK) seeing that Suriname is also in South America ?
    Google my name !

  2. As preparation to mark Jamaica 50th year of independence draw nearer, plans are being made by Jamaican-Returnees around the globe, to join in the celebrations. No-doubt, everyone who came home for the occasion will be in search of fitting mementos of “The Rock” to take back from whence we came. And short-reads that depict “Humorous-Jamaica,” will be a must for thousands of happy-Returnees. And I do believe that, my series of; “A Collections Of Short Tales, Poems & Jamaicanness,” will be most attractive mementos.
    My name is Francis Nation. I am a Jamaican author living in the United Kingdom. I am proposing to re-launch six of my books, prior to the 2012 celebrations this summer. I am also looking for suitable locations and stakeholders to facilitate this venture. Please visit my website at; http://www.jamaicanness.com where copies of my books are on displayed.

    Yours Sincerely,
    F. A. Nation
    (PS: Three of these books successfully launched at St. Ann Public Library and on Barbados, Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC-tv)

  3. I have a book of poetry which I would like to have publish in Jamaica. I would like to know what are the requirements to do so. I’m a Jamaican living outside the Country.

    Marcia M

    1. This is quite overdue and I hope you’ve found your answer since. Technology seemed to fail me and I missed your post. Please forgive me.

      Congrats on putting together your manuscript. I’ll be frank. Publishing (especially poetry is not easy) hence why most end up self – publishing at least their 1st collection. Even if you elect to do that, 1) work with a good editor 2) consult/ link up with Jamaican writers’ groups based locally 3) contact JAMCOPY about protecting your copyright. JAMCOPY may even be able to refer you to an active writers’ group as well.

      Hope this helps you and any other aspiring writer in a similar position.

  4. i would like to know the necessary requirements for your assistance in publishing a poem book I have a compilation and would love to get some assistance.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have a quarterly newsletter called JC Sweeting & ‘Positive Friends’ that I would like to be published in book form. Please let me know what to do. I will be sending you the latest issue separately.

    JC Sweeting
    3rd November 2007

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